Pastor Brent leading worship


Worship is at the heart of our life together.

In worship we claim the ancient truths that we are one body, that when we gather Christ comes to meet us, and that together we mere mortals can commune with the divine. Here at the First Congregational Church, we commit ourselves to worship that is beautiful, meaningful, fresh and inspirational. We recognize the need to bring our whole selves into worship–our hearts and our minds, a spirit of artistry and an analytical zeal, our joys and our sorrows, our convictions and our doubts.

The Bible

At the First Congregational Church, we take the Bible seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we dare not always take it literally. We place a strong emphasis on breaking open scripture to uncover its context, history and meaning for our life today. Through energetic and relevant preaching, we uncover new ways to connect with God, one another and the world, and learn to become better followers of Jesus.


Music plays a central role in worship, offering us a glimpse of God and opening up a space to lift our voices in praise, petition, and lament. Our rich tradition of excellent music is anchored by a talented 20-person choir, a grand pipe organ, and a Steinway piano. We draw from a repertoire of traditional hymns and anthems interspersed with the occasional eclectic offering.

Children in Worship

Children are one of our great joys, and are welcome in worship! Children generally join their families in worship for the first 15 minutes and, after a children’s message, depart for Sunday School or the nursery. Children are also welcome to remain in worship with their families for the entire service, and children’s activity bags are available.


On the first Sunday of each month, we celebrate communion, or the Lord’s Supper. All who feel led by God to participate are welcome at the table. Baptized or not, confessed or not, saint, sinner, or a little of both. All you have to be is hungry.