December newsletter available

News, photos, and more! download december newsletter From Pastor Brent’s message: Happy New Year!  By the time you receive this newsletter, a new liturgical year will already be underway.  The church year starts, wisely so, with Advent – a return to an amazing story of faith.  It is a story replete with stunning imagery.  It


The Service League of First Congregational Church is taking orders for wreaths for Christmas. Wreaths can be ordered through Thursday, 12/1 and will be available for pick-up on Friday, December 2. The wreaths, which will cost $40, are hand-decorated, and each is unique. And if you are a crafter at heart, we’ll welcome your joining

A Childhood in Words and Song

On Saturday, November 12 at 4:00pm, Ronnie Cunningham will present a program in the church sanctuary. The concert will include “Bless this House” and “Hush, Hush, Whisper Who Dares.” Suggested donation at the door, $10; any amount welcomed.  The funds will help support the Capital Campaign. For livestream, click below.  And enjoy!

The Lake Mahkeenac Radio Theater was back!

It was a night of storytelling, singing, all-around merriment (and pies)! Saturday, November 5 at 6:00pm. Written and hosted by David Anderegg, the evening will feature an illustrious cast of musicians and actors.  Proceeds will benefit the preservation of the historic 1824 building of the Congregational Church in Stockbridge. For more information and livestream link,

November newsletter available

Lots of news! download November newsletter From Pastor Brent’s message: Dear Church Family, By the time you receive this, we will be closer to Christmas looking forward than we are to Labor Day looking backward.  Even closer to the moment you are reading this letter is the beginning of Advent.  Take a deep breath, relax;

October Newsletter Available

Lots of news and announcements! DOWNLOAD OCTOBER NEWSLETTER From Pastor Brent’s message: Dear Church Family, I love seasons.  I love the seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter because they invite us to notice particular gifts of each.  They draw our attention to blessings and gifts that make up the whole of life and that

All-Church Picnic – photos!

As with many things these days, the All-Church Picnic felt all the more wonderful because of its absence over the last two years. Over twenty church members, family, and friends joined our hosts Kay and Neil Holden and Tracy Schneyer at Mohawk Lake on the last Sunday of July. The sky was blue, the water

Fall Study – The Psalms

The Language of the Heart This Fall, you are invited to come together in an exploration of not just one of the most beloved parts of the Bible, but also one of the most important.  This study will focus on the Psalms as living treasures that can and do speak truth into our times.  There

September Newsletter Available

Have you picked out your outfit yet?  Have you imagined where you might sit?  Have you thought about who you are looking forward to seeing or maybe bringing?  Have you been told that you are off the hook for making lunch reservations afterward? I hope so, but if not there still is time (although not

Rally Day – September 11

FOOD, FUN & FELLOWSHIP Don’t miss this special Sunday with music, song and the start of Sunday school and fall activities! Kids!  The children will come to the tent after the Children’s Time for a mixer: kids and teachers will learn fun things about each other.  After the church service we will have fun activities:

August Newsletter available

Walter Brueggemann maintains that Sunday morning is central to the life of the church.  One of the reasons is that collective worship, study, and fellowship are foundational for us to become the body of Christ.  Another reason, though, is that it stakes a claim on the importance of our church family to our lives.  It

1988 Mission Trip to Ukraine

In 1988, Anne Hutchinson participated in the US-USSR Bridges for Peace.   This is the first of a series about mission trips organized by the church over the past decades. In early summer 1988 I was asked if I had a passport by a member of the Mission and Action Committee. When, I affirmed that I

Summertime and the livin’ is easy

George Gershwin penned this song, made famous by Ella Fitzgerald, in 1934!  What does this song have to do with the Board of Growth and Fellowship?  Well… Summertime brings us the opportunity to gather outside with a cool glass of lemonade and catch up with friends! Summertime means lots of visitors to the Berkshires –

July Newsletter Available

It is easy to feel discouraged right now.  It is easy to find ourselves disappointed that our world is incredibly complicated right now.  Our faith, though, reminds us that God is still speaking.  Hymns remind us that God is making all things new.  Easter reminds us that new life can come from seeming dead ends. 


Worship of God is the core of all we do in church. Thought-provoking, dynamic, beautiful and forward-facing, our worship always aims at this question: what does God ask of us in this place and time? Each week’s sermon is available on the website here.  Typed transcriptions, links to the scripture readings, and video clips from

June Newsletter Available

How often during this pandemic have we dreamed about, talked about, and planned for the new beginning that is coming when the grip on the pandemic loosens?  How often have we been ready to resume our most cherished traditions only to face a new wave, a new challenge, a new variant?  Are we there again? 

May Newsletter available

Are you still waving your palms and proclaiming hosanna with your lives? Are you still waving your ribbons and proclaiming resurrection with your actions? Our faith is a beautiful tapestry of truth woven into story across generations to influence how we live today.  It is a way of living that places emphasis on both remembrance

Capital Campaign – Restore! Renew! Rejoice!

Photos! Star of the Show– The Capital Campaign Kickoff Event was a resounding success.  It was well-attended by about seventy members and friends, as well as by many more who were there in spirit.  One of the main reveals was learning, through a clever interactive game, the total amount raised by the campaign in Advance Gifts.

Stockbridge Festival Chorus – Concert April 30

Hello Stockbridge Festival Choristers, current, past and future! We continue to follow the COVID-safety protocols of First Congregational Church, so we will delay our start date to Sunday, February 27 (not the announced Jan 30) to be ever vigilant. Rehearsals on Sundays, 1 to 3pm.  Concert date will remain Saturday, April 30, 5:00pm, with dress

Lenten Devotional – Hope

Please see the latest devotional, for April 14 – April 17. Lenten Devotional, March 2 – March 10 lenten devotional, March 11 – March 17 lenten devotional, March 18 – March 20 lenten devotional, March 24 – March 28 lenten devotional, April 14 – April 17 Friends, The project of gathering stories to form Forty