January Newsletter available

Now what?  2020 is now part of our history.  There were times that I wondered if the year would ever run its course, and if so, to where.  Much of it focused on surviving one day to the next… Please fill out the Worship Feedback survey; link is on page 5.  Thank you! Download January

Worship Feedback Survey

Worship Feedback Requested We continue to understand that worship is at the heart of our shared experience.  It is that common time where we disentangle ourselves from the demands and expectations of the world and entangle ourselves in our covenant with God and neighbor.  It is a time for honesty, beauty, truth, hope, and possibility. 

Community Advent Wreath

We both wait for the birth of the Christ Child that already happened two thousand years ago and wait with open hearts that the Christ Child may indeed be born again in us this very year. We help celebrate with the Community Advent Wreath. This 54-foot diameter Advent Wreath on the lawn of the church. 

A field of pumpkins outside the church

December Newsletter Available

There is an unmistakable element of surprise that is inherent in Christmas.  Presents thoughtfully selected, wrapped up in beautiful packaging, their contents unknown until opening.  We go to sleep one night and the next morning wake up to a sense of anticipation and newness – a rush of footsteps on the stairs, shouts of excitement

November newsletter available

In the coming months much of our energy will be put into fostering resilience.  These efforts will take many forms including worship, formation, fellowship, small groups, live radio shows, and even spooky organ concerts. Download November Newsletter

The Lake Mahkeenac Radio Theater – watch it again!

The First Congregational Church announces the return of the Lake Mahkeenac Radio Theater!  It was live streamed on Sunday, October 25 at 5 pm. This “live radio” show is loosely based upon radio variety shows of the past. It features comedy skits, beautiful singing, and dramatic monologues in a family-friendly format, and as always, the

Pastor Brent Damrow preaches from the pulpit

Sanctuary Worship Services

Dear Friends in Christ, Grace and Peace to you from the one who was, who is, and who always will be.  I write to you with great joy about our plans to gather for worship in the Sanctuary for two more upcoming Sundays (October 25 and November 8).  We will be meeting in drastically reduced

October newsletter available

We are working here at the church to imagine ways that both help you to explore interiority while staying connected. I am imaging learning circles, outward adventures, one-on-one partnerships, group networks and more about ways that we can bring our passions together, share the gifts that God has blessed us with, and not just survive

A table displaying a variety of cakes

All-Church Birthday Party

Thought we forgot your birthday?  Think Again! The All-Church Birthday Party is coming up…Sunday, October 4th.  We will not have a parade of cakes at the church, but we will have several nice cakes to choose from!  We will not be able to eat together but we will deliver your piece of cake right to your

Evening Worship

There will be no evening worship on Sunday, October 25.  Instead, please attend the online fundraiser The Lake Mahkeenac Radio Theater! Worship is at the heart of who we are, how we encounter God, how we are shaped as family, and what we find ourselves called to do.  We have added a  third weekly worship

September Newsletter Available

We are imagining moments big and small in new ways; sometimes offering something similar, sometimes introducing something new. We know that there is uncertainty about what the fall and winter months might bring as our nation continues to struggle with the pandemic and as national elections loom on the horizon. We plan to meet them,

August Newsletter Available

Worship is at the heart of our shared journey. It is in worship that we come together bringing the fullness of our lives and our world, our joys and our challenges into the presence of God and one another. Through worship, we are shaped for the living of our days by remembering our story, loosening

July Newsletter Available

… My hope is that we find ways, especially during these summer months, to take advantage of the chance to safely connect outside.  This is about how we feed you and/or help you engage with your faith, each other and the world.  It will give us the strength and endurance to withstand any uptick in

Baptismal fond with the words "one body" engraved

April 2020 Newsletter Now Available

What times these are! I offer prayers for you and for all who are struggling, relaxed, confused, lonely, over-employed, under-employed, sick, caregiving, or in any other way affected by the pandemic being caused by COVID-19. Remember the words of the angels (do not fear) and the mantra of the prophets (speak truth).

Boxes of food are sorted for a food pantry

People’s Pantry in Need of Volunteers and Donations

The People’s Pantry in Great Barrington needs volunteers through the duration of the the COVID-19 pandemic. Volunteering involves moving produce, meat in coolers, milk and prefilled grocery bags outside onto tables under a tent. Volunteers are needed for three slots each week: Monday 4-6:30 pm; Thursday 8:30-11 am; Thursday 11 am-1:30 pm. College and high

A church bell with a clapper

February 2020 Newsletter Now Available

From our Sexton: In the category of “other duties as requested” was the recent investigation of the church’s bell. Eugene Burns, a self-described passionate fan of church and lighthouse bells made by the Meneely Bell Foundry (1826-1950) in Watervliet, NY, called to ask about our bell. As it was a nice day, and not wanting