Rev. Brent Damrow preaching from the pulpit


July 24, 2022

What are we waiting for?

This fall, friends, we’re gonna live out loud! By committing ourselves to church, to not just living in Christ, but to live as Christ, by remembering the truth that Christ is already in us. We are going to do everything we can to come to him, even as we recognize that he has already come to us, stalking us in love. And we together, yes, we plural, will find our dead ends fading into new possibilities. What will they be? We will find our old guilt and grief nailed to the cross, that we need bear them no more. And it will be in our sanctuary, I promise you, there will be singing, there will be goosebumps, there will be insights, shared smiles and tears, a place to come together when all is well, and yes, when the world is falling apart. For once again, we will recommit ourselves to becoming a community of faith, of choice, of love, of truth, and of beauty. Not because we get it right, but because God nourishes us, God strengthens us, God shows us the way. And all we need to do, friends, is follow together.