Rev. Brent Damrow preaching from the pulpit


April 10, 2022

How and Why

Readings: Luke 19:29-39

I have been taught this. I have learned this. I understand this. And that is that the what of life matters. The what of life matters profoundly. What we know. What we believe. What we commit ourselves to. What we build. What we call family (looks at congregation). What we call home (looks at sanctuary). What we eat (looks at communion table). What we give to (looks at offering plates). All of it matters profoundly.

And yet the longer I live, the longer I serve as pastor, the longer I follow Christ, I am convinced of this: that while the what does matter, it is the how and the why of life — that undergirds all those whats — that matters so much more. Not just what we believe, but how we live into it that ends up mattering. Not only what we build or serve, but how we engage and why we do them that transform them into sacred practices. How we treat one another and make our home together. Why we gather at this communion table, or share our time, treasure and talent. The whys and the hows make all the difference.