Rev. Brent Damrow preaching from the pulpit


June 20, 2021

Christian Education Sunday

Christian Education Sunday has long been an annual tradition at our church.  On this Sunday we celebrate and remember our education and formation programs for children, youth and adults.  There is no formal sermon for this day, rather the service uses a variety of video clips that invite our children of all ages to share in the worship of God, their memories from the past year, as well as what they have learned.  Special thanks to Jill Wheat who coordinated the service and Diego Salinetti who combined all the videos into one.  The video link to You Tube takes you to the beginning of worship with our Kid’s Choir offering an introit.  The gathering music for today includes a number of clips of African American Sacred Music which was a focus of CE during Black History Month .  To see those clips (about 15 minutes in total), simply go back to the beginning of the video.  Enjoy the service!