Rev. Brent Damrow preaching from the pulpit


April 24, 2022

Behind Locked Doors

The Rev. Dr. Richard Floyd
Readings: John 20:19-31

The Second Sunday of Easter, traditionally called Low Sunday, can be a tough Sunday for a preacher for a number of reasons. First of all, the context of our preaching can be a bit discouraging.  Churches typically have fewer than half the people as Easter Sunday, and I always preach better for some reason when there are more people present. It must have something to do with group dynamics.

Easter is always a high holy day in the church, a bright and festive day, and though the church in theory believes that Easter lasts for the Great Fifty Days, the second Sunday is, well, you know, Low Sunday.  Plus, preachers are always exhausted and worn thin after Easter. Which is why, when I was an active preacher, I always handed it off to a seminarian or staff member or retired pastor. So here I am – what goes around comes around! But I have a confession to make: I like Low Sunday.