Rev. Brent Damrow preaching from the pulpit


April 3, 2022

A Way Out of No Way

Minister Nedelka Prescod
Readings: Isaiah 43:16-21

But the humble talk reminds me of Proverbs. I am a fan of Proverbs. My grandmother spoke in the language of Proverbs. She would tell these small stories to make her point, never actually naming the things or the people, but you knew who and what she was talking about. In that way you can get your point across without distracting the listener with all the personal details, so they’ll get right to the heart of the message. Hopefully they’ll better internalize your message, coded in a story. It leaves room for them to translate the story using their own images and experiences as a reference point. But resume writing is not like that. You must name the people and the things, when they happened, how long they occurred, with whom, and possibly how. You are the protagonist, front and center in this story. Some of us are really good at that. Some of us have no problem sharing who we are. And some of us, perhaps, may be a little more shy.