June newsletter

May 29, 2024

This summer I invite you into the fullness of our faith and the joy and meaning that comes with it.

This summer I invite you to take the time to linger in quiet and relaxed relationship.

This summer I invite you to do less and abide more.

This summer I invite you to experience sabbath.

This summer we are planning for worship that is simple, honest, and inviting.  While the organ is being restored our music will explore the beauty of piano and melodies that are inviting and joyful.  We are currently planning events that invite people to be together without a great deal of planning or preparation.

We work hard as a church.  We accomplish so much.  This summer my hope for us is not to take the summer off as a church, but to focus on those aspects of faith that are generative, life-giving, enjoyable, and restorative.  This summer I want to see you and have the chance to simply be together in meaningful ways.

~ Pastor Brent

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