July newsletter

June 28, 2024

… I see that little fig tree now also as a symbol of our church here in Stockbridge.  There are times when our life is verdant and growing and other times when scale seems to cover our shared life and leaves are dropping.  The pandemic and other current challenges have impacted our shared life in ways we don’t still fully know or understand.  We will need to continue exploring and diagnosing what those challenges (and also the opportunities we have discovered) mean for our connection to God, each other, and this world.  We will need to determine what if any course we need to take to address them.  We also though, just need to hang in there for I can see even now new branches bursting forth with beautiful leaves popping out all over the place.  This summer we will be resting and planning and imagining and grieving and celebrating and as we do I will keep looking over at that little tree and finding blessing.

In hope and gratitude, Pastor Brent

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