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June 28, 2023

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Dear Church Family,

Summer offers a chance for a much-needed change of pace.  Summer offers a tantalizing invitation to seek beauty, rest, and peace.  Summer offers the excuse to let go of some of the formality and seriousness of our living and find delight in the delightful, truthful simplicity of reality.

This Summer we are currently working on plans to offer new ways of connecting.  We will continue offering our community meals on the second Wednesday of each month (including a cook-out) on July 12th.  The Church Picnic is planned for July 16th.  A planning team will meet in the coming days to imagine some additional outdoor “worship” possibilities.  Another group will be combing Rachel Held Evan’s final work Wholehearted Faith to see what possibilities might emerge.  Finally, our Sunday Morning Worship will undergo a few tweaks to make it fit the mood, comfort, and feeling of the summer months.

~ Pastor Brent