Join the Christmas Choir!

November 8, 2023

Would you like to sing in the Christmas Choir on Christmas Eve?  Peter Frost, the Minister of Music, would like to know!

If you are a chorister who is currently unable to sing in our church choir, but you love to sing arguably the most beautiful sacred repertoire, meaning Christmas music, please join us.

If you can make it to a minimum of three out of the five rehearsals listed below, please join us.

Here is the rehearsal schedule:
Sunday, November 19th, 11:15-12:00* noon
Thursday, December 7th,  7:30 -8:30
Thursday, December 14th, 7:30 -8:30
Thursday, December 21st, 7:00-8:30
Sunday, December 17th, 11:15-12:00*
*we will begin approximately 15 minutes after the close of worship and rehearse for 45 minutes.

Questions? Contact Peter Frost through the church office, 413-298-3137.