Comprehensive Bible Study led by Pastor Brent

August 25, 2023

There is simply nothing quite like reading and considering the full Bible together.  There is wonder in discovering new details or meaning in stories we thought we knew so well.  There are connections between the stories that are suddenly illuminated either in ways we hadn’t noticed or because our life situation now helps us to see them.  There is the gift of struggling with challenging passages – even those that have caused hurt or pain.  There is the beauty of hearing others’ perspectives that help shape our own.  There is the whole arc of it that puts the life and teachings of Jesus in context.  There is, of course, the kind of relationships that develop when you spend intentional and thoughtful time with others pursuing something good.

This year, I am delighted to lead a new curriculum “Kerygma: Discovering the Bible (A New Generation).” There are thirty lessons to this study, and it is laid out to take us from Genesis to Revelation.   For more information and to sign up, please click here.

Come and learn!

~ Pastor Brent