What to Expect

Passing the peace of Christ

Expect to be welcomed warmly.

Expect to be moved, challenged, uplifted, and inspired.

Expect to encounter God.

Maybe you grew up going to Sunday School every week. Maybe you haven’t been to church in 20 years. Maybe your faith is solid as a rock. Maybe you’re not sure what you believe. Maybe you’re looking for a safe place for your children to grow in faith. Maybe you decided you’d visit a church this Sunday because your mother guilt-tripped you into it. Maybe it’s because you woke up with the strangest urge to sing, and you didn’t want to sing alone.

People find their way through our doors in countless ways. Whatever the path that you’ve been on, what matters to us most on your first visit is that you feel welcomed and embraced no matter where you find yourself on the journey of life or faith. Some might say that we fling our doors and our arms open wide merely because we want to be nice. That could be, but there’s a more important reason: Jesus told us to.

So welcome, friend. We can’t wait to meet you.

What time is church?

NOTE: During Lent 2019 (March 10 through April 14), we will hold a joint Sunday School hour for adults and children, beginning at 9:30AM (coffee will be available starting at 9:00AM). Worship will begin at 10:30AM.

During the rest of the year, we gather for worship at 10:00 am every Sunday. There generally is a short musical prelude and worship lasts for about 60-75 minutes.

How do I get there? Where do I park?

We are located at 4 Main Street in Stockbridge (adjacent to the Stockbridge Golf Club and Proctor Hall). We are in easy walking distance from the Red Lion Inn and downtown Stockbridge. We have ample parking at the church including many handicapped spots.  When you arrive, enter through the main doors at the front of the church, where a friendly greeter will welcome you and answer any questions you have.

What happens during church?

Worship is the heart of our life as a community, a time when we gather as one body to be nourished, fed, challenged and changed. We pray together, sing together, share Christ’s peace, read the Bible and contemplate how ancient truths intersect with our world and our times. We believe that our God is still speaking new words of light and truth into our world, and that we have more to learn. We bring our lives into the church (our joys and burdens, our gifts and shortcomings) and we share them with one another and the God we serve.

On the first Sunday of every month we celebrate communion. We practice an open communion table and welcome all to gather around the table and be fed from a simple meal of gluten-free bread and grape juice. In grateful response to communion we have a long tradition of bringing a food item or small donation for the Food Pantry – it is completely optional.

At each worship service we honor the ancient Christian practice of collecting an offering to support the ministries of this church and the many organizations with whom we partner. We welcome all gifts and encourage those who worship with us to give joyously and to cultivate a life marked by generosity. If you are unable to contribute financially we ask you to consider sharing your time or talent with the church, another organization, a family member or someone else in need.

What kind of music will I hear?

Music is a central part of our life together –something that brings us joy, that draws us together, that we take seriously (and do well), and through which we are offered a glimpse of God. We draw largely from classical and traditional roots and incorporate newer songs from around the world in both congregational singing and choral anthems. Our talented choir of 16-25 generally sings two pieces during worship and supports our singing of hymns and other songs.

Is childcare available?

We offer childcare every Sunday generally from 15 minutes before worship to 15 minutes past the end of our final event of the day. In addition, we try to offer childcare for major church functions and events on other days. For more details consult the Families With Children page and for specific questions, please contact the church office.

What else happens on Sundays?

We offer a full range of opportunities for people of all ages. From September through June, our regular programming includes:

  • Adult Choir begins with warm ups at 8:45 and rehearsal at 9:00 a.m.
  • Church school for children and youth takes place during the final 40-45 minutes of worship. Generally our worship starts with children-friendly music and children’s message before they either head off for school or stay for worship.
  • Following worship we host a coffee hour with a chance to eat some great food, share in each other’s lives and get to know new friends.
  • During Advent and Lent we hold all-church studies following worship to deepen our faith and broaden our minds during these special seasons

During the summer, our Choir and Church School take a break. Worship is still held at 10:00 a.m., followed by our not-to-be-missed coffee hour!

What should I wear?

People dress in varying levels of formality. While you will mostly see dresses, suits, ties and even hats, others dress more casually. We encourage you to come in the kind of attire that will help you feel comfortable and worship most fully.

Is the church handicap accessible?

Yes, the church is accessible and we also offer hearing assistive devices and large print bulletins.

The ramp for wheelchair access is located in the rear of the building and once inside, the entire building (with the exception of the balcony in the sanctuary) is accessible.

How can I get more information?

Please feel free to chat with anyone after church or if you would like to meet with Brent, our Pastor, catch him after worship or call the church to set up a time. You can also call or email our administrator, Nancy Wilcox (email hidden; JavaScript is required) and we’ll make sure your question gets to the right place.