Ministry Development Grants

Ministry Development Grants Program

We have budgeted $2,100 this year to assist our fellow congregations to thrive. Give us a call if you have any questions or want more information.

Where to Begin?  Ask yourself and those around you:

  • Consider: What ministry or mission have we been dreaming of, discussing, wishing for – lately, or over the years?
  • Dream: If your ministry received $100 – $500 who would you reach out to? How would you put it to the best possible use?
  • Imagine: (‘Why didn’t we think of that…?’)
  • Inquire: How could a little boost inspire your worship, expand your learning, deepen your connections, or strengthen your service?


  1. Due date: Applications are welcome at any time. Grants will be processed on a rolling basis until all funds are dispersed.
  2. Grant / Project Limit: Any congregation may submit more than one grant proposal, but the total dollar limit must be no greater than $750.
  3. You will be asked for two things if you receive a grant.
  4. Send us a brief description of what you did and how it went.
  5. Consider coming to a year-end celebration to share with other recipients.


We are happy to award grants and believe that this is one way we are in covenant with you. To best share our funds to as many churches as possible, we have a few limits:

  1. Purchase of real estate and clergy salaries are never funded. However, modest stipends to professionals for the start of new ministry efforts will be considered.
  2. Repairs for deferred maintenance are rarely funded, unless your project is shown to have a clear connection to a specified new
  3. Expenses for travel are rarely funded. If you apply for a grant for a mission trip, we ask that you exclude the travel costs (gasoline, van rental, or airfare) from your request.

Application form

Please forward your completed application electronically to or hard copy to First Congregational Church, UCC, PO Box 825, Stockbridge MA 01262.

Questions:  call 413-298-3137