This Week (Week Two):

  • Pray for those who lifted joys and concerns.
  • Watch the teaching video with Pastor Brent.
  • Read the Introductory Sections to the Pentateuch and Genesis
  • Complete Section 2 of the Study Manual entitled “Wonder”.
    • Make sure to take notes each day of your reading.
  • Questions to Consider:
    • How did you answer the question on Page 17 of your Study Manual – what does it mean to be made in the image of God?
    • Look at page 18 – “what does Eden symbolize to you?”
    • Look at page 19 – “Describe a time when you felt such wonder at the majesty of creation that you could only praise God?
  • Contemplate any prayer concern you want to share with the group.

Week Two Conversation Guide


Week One:

  • Pray for those who lifted joys and concerns.
  • Watch the teaching video with Pastor Brent.
  • Read “The Canons of the Bible” in the New Oxford Annotated Bible (p 2185). Those who do not have that Bible can find it by clicking here.   Please note you will keep clicking next and read until the heading changes to Textual Criticism.
  • Complete Section 1 of the Study Manual entitled “Authority.”
  • Questions to Consider:
    • Why do you read the Bible?
    • What is your favorite passage? Why?

Week One Video:


Introduction Week: 

Please contemplate these questions and be prepared to discuss:

  • How do you view the Bible?  What kind of authority does it have and why?
  • What would be a one sentence description of the Bible you would share with an alien from outer space who had never heard of such a thing?
  • Why did you sign up for this and what do you hope to gain from it?

Our goals for this class will be:

  • Introduce the participants, the study, and the format.
  • Outline materials needed for the study and how to gain access.
  • Consider how the Pastor will be engaged and a resource to you.
  • Talk about the use of small groups and how they will function.
  • Share principles for Bible Studies in general and guidelines for this one
    in particular.
  • Answer any remaining questions.
  • Share prayer concerns with each other and end with blessing and peace.