A group of people hold books in their laps


Week One Conversation Guide

This Week:

  • Pray for those who lifted joys and concerns.
  • Watch the teaching video with Pastor Brent.
  • Read Episode 1 in your Participant Guide – this will be the primary source of your conversation for the first small group.
  • Read as many of the articles in the CEB Bible as you can (see page 19 of Week One of the Participant Guide). Don’t worry if you don’t have the CEB Bible, I will e-mail scanned copies to each participant by 10/7.
  • Questions to Consider:
    • What do you most need from your fellow participants?
    • What are you able to offer?

Last Week: 

Please contemplate these questions and be prepared to discuss:

  • How do you view the Bible?  What kind of authority does it have and why?
  • When you hear the word “Covenant” was comes to mind?  What emotion?  What definition?
  • Why did you sign up for this and what do you hope to gain from it?

Our goals for this class will be:

  • Introduce the participants, the study, and the format.
  • Outline materials needed for the study and how to gain access.
  • Consider how the Pastor will be engaged and a resource to you.
  • Talk about the use of small groups and how they will function.
  • Share principles for Bible Studies in general and guidelines for this one in particular.
  • Answer any remaining questions.
  • Share prayer concerns with each other and end with blessing and peace.