Good Friday

Good Friday

Perhaps the most somber day of the church calendar, it also has the potential to be among the most powerful.  The iconic African-American Spiritual “Were You There?” challenges us to witness that day and each of the difficult and meaningful steps on the way to the cross and tomb.  This year we will return to the Stations of the Cross at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy on Eden Hill here in Stockbridge.  Meandering on a relatively flat path on top of the hill are the life-size stations depicting the journey and inviting us to bear witness.

The Marians have granted us permission to use the path starting at 6:00 p.m.  Deacons will be on hand to give you a printed copy of a prayer resource and guide for your walk.  People are invited to arrive and set out any time between 6:00 and 7:00.  We anticipate that your walk should take approximately 30-40 minutes (although it could be quicker or longer depending on the pace you decide to take and the amount of time you spend at each station).

There are two links below:  the first includes the prayer guide and the second will let us know you plan to come (helpful but not required).  Directions and parking information is directly below.

Prayer guide     Note that the prayer guide is formatted for 8.5×14″ paper.  Deacons will have copies available on Good Friday.

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Please park in the main parking lot if possible; there is limited handicapped parking near the Shrine.

Map of National Shrine of Divine Mercy, Eden Hill