Re-Gathering Updates

Last Updated July 22, 2021

The call to be a Christian community does not cease in times of crisis; in fact, it rings louder and more true than ever. However, things will be different. As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, turn to this page for current information on how we will remain connected and attuned to the needs of the world.

Regathering will be a transition. Our protocols take into account data from our community, guidelines from health and religious organizations, and protocols that are safe and help ensure everyone’s comfort so that we can worship in peace.

We continue to gather together to worship.  It is a central time in our share life.  A few things to keep in mind:

  • All Sunday morning worship services will be available via Livestream.
  • Our schedule through September 5th is:
    • All first/third/fifth Sundays are scheduled for indoors.
    • All second/fourth Sundays are scheduled for outdoors. (In the case of inclement weather, the service will automatically move indoors.)
  • We no longer require registration. We do welcome people to go online to sign up to be a liturgist or a welcomer!
  • We continue to be guided by numbers, CDC recommendations, and other local information. Given the data, we are retaining current practices which include:
    • Masking is always welcome and a beautiful sign of care.
    • For OUTDOOR worship, people are asked to mask as they go to their seats. Once they are in the area of their seats (and as long as they remain there) all may remove their mask regardless of vaccination status for all elements of worship.
    • For INDOOR worship, people are asked to mask as they go to their seats. Once they are in the area of their seats (and as long as they remain there), those who are not fully vaccinated are asked to remain masked.  Those who are fully vaccinated may remove their mask for all elements of worship.

For those coming into the church for any non-worship function:

  • Those fully vaccinated are welcome to enter without a mask.
  • Those who are NOT fully vaccinated are asked to wear their mask while inside.
  • We request that those who enter without a mask understand if staff or someone else inquire about vaccination status if not clear or known.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Will in the Church Office who can help clarify and/or relay information to the Re-Gathering Committee.


All scheduled meetings and gatherings of the church and outside users are evolving to a combination of in-person and Zoom. If you need to schedule a meeting, please contact Will in the church office.

Office Hours

Brent and/or Will will be in the office  from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., Monday – Friday, to make sure that someone is in the building to answer calls and e-mails and receive any deliveries.

Pastor’s Office Hours

Pastor Brent will hold office hours by appointment, please contact the church office.  Meetings can be either by Zoom, telephone, or outside. Inside is possible, if all persons are fully vaccinated.

Weekly Virtual Bible Study

On Wednesdays at 1:00PM, you are invited to join Pastor Rick Floyd for a look at the scripture text for this week in advance of worship.  To join via Zoom, click here

Wednesday Morning Prayer

Morning prayer will continue virtually, via Zoom on Wednesdays at 8AM.  You are invited to gather starting at 7:45AM with a cup of coffee or tea in hand. To join via Zoom, click here

Thursday Walking Prayer

Please call Pastor Brent for more information.


Financial support remains essential both to pay for regular expenses (staff, utilities, insurance, etc.) and to support the new ways we are ministering (e.g., online services, food assistance support, etc.). You may mail checks to the church office or give online.