Employment Opportunities

June 22, 2022

Dear Friends in Christ,

There is much to celebrate.  We have filled important positions here at the church.  Marion Pomeroy has already started in her role as Financial Secretary while Peter Frost will begin his role as Minister of Music August 1st.  I am deeply grateful for all those who helped in those processes from editing job descriptions to interviewing candidates and everything in between.  Did you know that there are three other positions that remain open at the church that are important to our shared life too?  They are:

While we plan to do some external advertising and are already networking to get the word out, we imagine that we are likely to find the right person through relationships.  That is where you come in.  We are attaching job descriptions for the first two positions.  The Nursery position could be great for an adult or a mature high school/college student.  The Coordinator position is aimed at folks who have experience in education and preferably in a church setting.  Feel free to print them out, share them with people you know who might be qualified and interested and then get in touch with the Church Office (office@stockbridgeucc.org) or the Board of Christian Education (Elizabeth Young is the Chair) to let us know.

For the Video Technician position we need someone who is tech savvy, who is creative, who sees the big picture in things, is a good team player, and is reliable.  We pay $60 per week which includes three hours of work – generally Sunday plus a little more time throughout the week to plan or research.  Diego was a high school student and was great!  This is the kind of position that is great experience and can help build a resume.   Patty Strauch is leading the efforts on this role so get in touch with her or the office if someone comes to mind.

Thank you for helping us to fill these vital positions which will help us to be church more fully and meet the needs of this time of possibility.  Peace,

Pastor Brent Damrow (he/his/him)

First Congregational Church, UCC, Stockbridge, MA

413-298-3137  Stockbridgeucc.org