First Congregational Church of Stockbridge in Winter

Capital Campaign

October 22, 2021

Special Congregational Meeting



Dear Congregation,

I hope we are all looking forward to the Special Congregational Meeting this coming Sunday, immediately after our worship service, to consider whether we should launch a capital campaign with a goal of $850,000.

The meeting will be held both by those meeting in-person, and through a continuation of the livestreamed service. Those who are live-streaming can text in questions, comments, and dissenting votes (781-258-5929).

The agenda will include: a description of planned capital projects by Joe Nicolosi; information about the organ by Ron Hanft; an update on our front steps by Bronly Boyd; a review of the Feasibility Study by our consultant, Jennifer Williams; and an introduction to a separate Planned Giving component by Frank Russell.

For those joining by livestream, be sure to text in, (781-259-5929) so that we know you are with us, as the Clerk must count these numbers for our records.  (If you join during or after the worship service, move the red pointer at the bottom of the screen to the right until you join us real-time). The quorum for all meetings is 35 members, and we are hoping to have a large turnout for this important meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Cathy Clark, Moderator