Annual Meeting 2020

The Annual Meeting on May 17, 2020 will be online.

How the meeting will work:

  • Check in will be after the sermon.  We will use the resulting list for the quorum.
  • We will go straight from the worship service to the meeting.  We will ask to approve the slate of nominees (found on the last two pages of the Annual Report) by unanimous consent. That is, we will ask if there are any objections that people can call them in. Without objections we would consider the slate approved.  
  • Please remember that names can be added by Council to the Boards at any time after the meeting so please don’t object because you want to add a name.

Please find the slate of nominees and the annual reports from the Clerk, Moderator, Pastor, and Boards and  Committees  by clicking on the link below.  

May 2020 Annual Reports