About Us

Pastor Brent greeting mother and daughter

A place grounded in the love and grace of God…

A diverse and growing Christian community of extravagant welcome…

A church that leans on the Spirit of its history to claim its progressive present reality.

Welcome to the First Congregational Church, UCC, in Stockbridge. Here in our historic New England sanctuary we gather to meet our still-speaking God in new and fresh ways. Our dynamic and relevant worship is the center of our life together. Here we encounter God’s grace and love, discover truth and meaning, and seek to apply our faith to the countless decisions we make every day. We value inspired preaching, glorious music, fellowship that fosters our relationships with God and with each other, and learning and service that deepen our connection to Christ, the world, and one another.

We are an Open and Affirming congregation made up of old and young; straight and gay; those married, single and partnered; folks who have it all figured out and those searching for where to begin; lifelong Christians, skeptics, and misfits; those riding high on life and others a little down on their luck; Berkshires natives, transplants, and tourists. We welcome you no matter who you are and where you are on life’s journey.

While our founding dates back to 1734 and names like Jonathan Edwards and Reinhold Niebuhr grace the pages of our history, we take seriously the church’s call to make the Christian faith our own in this generation. We honor those who have come before while serving those who are in our midst today. We hope that you will learn about us on our website, but even better – come spend time with us at worship, in service or in study!