Worship Livestream

Thank you for joining us for Holy Week. Please read on for information on our Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday services. Notes for each service can be found below the video player.

Good Friday Service

By 9:00AM on Friday, we will post a video for you to watch and contemplate, at a time of your choosing.  In the video, Pastor Brent will read the passage and offer a reflection.  We invite you to find a quiet spot, to surround yourself with things of meaning and comfort, and to settle in to view the video, then take some time just to think and be.

For a lovely Good Friday musical meditation, check out this video of our Bell Choir rehearsing “O Sacred Head Now Wounded.”

Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Service

 At 6:30PM on Thursday, we will livestream a short service of readings and light. There are a few things to gather for the Tenebrae service and to be aware of:

  • The Tenebrae service is powerfully moving as we light 13 candles, tell the story from Matthew’s perspective, and gradually put out the candles representing the truth that each of the disciples fell away, leaving only Jesus and his light.  We invite you to have 13 candles on hand. Any candles will work – traditional, birthday cake candles, votives, anything.
  • We invite you to make a simple dinner of soup and bread.  Elizabeth Young has provided two recipes (see link below) or you can pull out your favorite cookbook.   Jesus gathered with his disciples for a meal that night; as they remembered the story of their faith on Passover, Jesus asked them to continue with the new practice of communion as an act of remembrance.
  • During your meal, we invite you to contemplate and share your own memories of how faith has shown up in your life. Share, and find connections.



Notes on Easter Worship

The livestream will begin at 9:45AM on Sunday, April 12.

  • Let us know you’re here: TEXT to 617-513-0185 the names of those in your household who are joining worship as soon as you are on-line. This will allow us to acknowledge and tell everyone who is gathering.
  • We will be lifting concerns earlier in the service and joys later. If you are able, please text them to 617-513-0185 as early as possible in the service so that we can collect them all in time.
  • Streaming caveats: We are using all-new video and sound equipment, which we hope will enable us to stream a higher quality broadcast (sharper video, better lighting, more balanced sound).  If there are problems with the stream, please be patient. We will attempt to resolve them as quickly as possible. No need to call or text; we have a designated QA team who will notify us at once if there are problems.
  • Offering: You can give online or continue to mail checks in to the church office. The church is taking on extra expenses during this time to make the livestream available, minister to those in need (e.g., food assistance) and otherwise respond to the coronavirus pandemic. If you wish to make a donation specifically in support of these ministries, select the appropriate option in the online giving form, or mention this in the memo line on your check.


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