Worship Feedback Survey

Worship Feedback Requested

We continue to understand that worship is at the heart of our shared experience.  It is that common time where we disentangle ourselves from the demands and expectations of the world and entangle ourselves in our covenant with God and neighbor.  It is a time for honesty, beauty, truth, hope, and possibility.  We are delighted that attendance for our live-stream worship continues to be robust and engaged.  We continue to respond to feedback and to try and make improvements that enhance worship.  Some of those things include:

  • Better technology including, stronger internet connection, additional cameras, split screen capability, and better microphones.
  • The inclusion of lay readers and leaders from their homes.
  • Creative music that involves additional instrumentation, vocal duets, and other innovations to evoke.
  • The use of “sets” within the church to add visual elements that change.

The Pastor and Deacons ask each member to complete a short survey that will enable us to understand how you are worshipping, what is bringing you joy and meaning, what is challenging, and what opportunities.  We are including the questions so that if you need answer them via e-mail or by telephone with the office, you can.  We are hoping that you will fill it out on-line so that the answers can be more easily compiled and shared.  That link is HERE.  Deadline: February 1.  Thank you!