Voting Discussion Forum and Election Day Prayer Service Scheduled

Voting ballot
Elections and ballot questions are once again in front of us. The First Congregational Church of Stockbridge will hold a program on October 28th at 6:00PM in which we will engage our faith around the ballot questions that are up for vote in Massachusetts. This will NOT be a program to tell you how to vote; instead, it will bring us into dialogue about what our faith might have to say about the questions in front of us. Then, on Election Day, November 4th at 8:00AM, we will gather for a short prayer and worship service, giving thanks for our right to vote and prayerfully asking for God’s wisdom and blessing as we go about our civic duties.
If possible, please RSVP for the October 28th program in advance by contacting Pastor Brent ( or 413-298-3137) or signing up in the Jonathan Edwards Room.

Photo credit: Copyright Ken Zirkel. Some rights reserved. License CC BY 2.0.