Old Tradition in New Ways

This Fall, we are pleased to offer two different studies both done in new ways that foster connection to God, scripture, and each other.  Pastor Brent will organize and lead the teaching sessions and join the small groups regularly to check-in and help where needed.

One study, the Disciple program, will discuss the Bible from cover to cover, in the order the texts appear.  While you will not read every chapter and verse, the study will expose you to a great deal of the material.  Daily readings should take about 20-30 minutes and there are questions for you to ponder along the way.  While we will be concerned about content, just as importantly we will be exploring ways of reading the Bible.  The Bible is comprised of many different styles of writing and we will make sure you are equipped to approach these sacred texts with tools to help your understanding.  This study is ideal for those new to the Bible and those wanting to return to its beauty in a wholistic way.

The second study focus on the concept of Covenant, a central part of how we understand our faith journey in the UCC.  Through three broad themes of Creating, Trusting, and Living this study works its way throughout scripture looking at how holy promise is not just a central theme but a practice of our faith.  Similar time commitment to the Disciples track will be required.

In both cases, we will focus on not just learning the Bible but engaging in dialogue about how it matters for our lives today.  They will equip you to be more comfortable talking about the Bible and understanding its full sweep even as they help you to bring those texts into the story of your own life.  The studies will begin in September and run through the end of May.   We anticipate taking breaks that make sense with the calendar.  There is the expectation that those who choose to participate will commit to the length of the study.

To indicate your interest, please fill out a form, available here.

Please take some time to think about this and whether it is right for you.  If you have any questions, reach out to Pastor Brent.  If you want to speak with one of the more than 50 members of our congregation who have been part of an extended study, call the office and we will put you in touch.  This can be so transformative for each participant and our whole church family.