Lenten Study 2018 – Encounters

The readings and sermons in Lent will introduce us to people who are part and parcel of the journey of Jesus. Following worship beginning on Feb. 18 and ending on April 8, everyone is invited to gather from 11:30 – 12:15 to explore those characters in greater depth.
Studying these people should be fun as it opens our perspectives on the larger sweep of the Bible to take a closer look at fascinating people who often occupy little more attention than a passing glance. And at the same time, it should also be immensely illuminating both in the ways we look at Jesus and in the ways we look at our own lives.
We will begin by jumping back to Adam and Eve, as they are crucial both in how we look at Jesus and how we look at the other people on the road to the Holy City. We will then explore folks like disciples James and John (the sons of Zebedee) who seem to always show up at crucial moments. We will look at the woman who anointed Jesus, as well as, the owner of the house where it took place – Simon the Leper. We will look at people like Judas whose names are often only spoken in hushed whispers.
There is no need for any pre-reading and you can come to one or all of them. We will take a closer look at the history and context of these people and why that all matters to the story of the Bible. But just as importantly we will consider how their actions, questions, and interactions matter for our own story too. At the end of each session will be the chance for people to take home a list of resources for learning more about these people.
We are going to be keeping the sessions short so that you can simply go to coffee hour, grab some snacks, come and learn and then get home for lunch and the rest of your day. Gina will be staying in the nursery to watch over the children and have crafts for them to explore.
This series is brought to you by Christian Education. If you have any questions – please contact Brent.