Evening Worship

There will be no evening worship on Sunday, October 25.  Instead, please attend the online fundraiser The Lake Mahkeenac Radio Theater!

Worship is at the heart of who we are, how we encounter God, how we are shaped as family, and what we find ourselves called to do.  We have added a  third weekly worship service – EVENING WORSHIP – joining Sunday Morning Worship and Wednesday Morning Prayer.

Given new guidelines from the state, we are asking people to register for the worship service – please click here to go to the form or call the church office.

This worship service is planned to be its own unique event.  It will not try to replicate or translate anything else, but instead will be authentic to its time (both in the evening and in the midst of our pandemic), its setting (outside on the front lawn), and its purpose (to worship God emphasizing connection, peace, hope, and beauty).  We are in the process of laying out liturgies, rituals, music, and ways to share. This week we will plan a shorter worship to allow some time for us to engage those who come in dialogue to help shape future services.  My hope is that the service is deeply faithful, thoroughly authentic, casually beautiful, evocative, and intimate.

As you may have heard, we miss you!  We want to bring folks together in safe ways to worship God and to love neighbor.  Please don’t come if you are sick/have any symptoms, if you have been in a high risk situation, or if you face medical complications that make it very risky to be with others.

Sunday evenings – 5:00 p.m. (Weather permitting)

  • You bring your own chair(s)/blankets and pick out a spot observing proper distancing.
  • Face coverings are required.  If you don’t have one – we will have extras on hand.
  • We will follow a similar, simple liturgy each week that will be on site and available for you to bring to your seating area.
  • We plan let this worship be authentically outdoors without trying to replicate our other service.  We will bring in fresh music, faith stories, bodily engagement, and the chance to be with one another.
  • For those who need them, restrooms will be available with posted protocols at each restroom.
  • Feel free to bring your own food and stay around if you like after to linger in the evening with one another (physically distanced, personally connected).
  • It will be beautiful, true, and connecting.