Holy Week and Easter

Maundy ThursdayGather with Jesus and the disciples in the Upper Room to remember the story of deliverance and to prepare for Christ’s passion.  The gathered service at tonight at 7:00 p.m. will include communion and Luke’s telling of the story.  Coinciding with night fall, the Tenebrae tradition will bring the story to life.  As different voices from the congregation read the story, twelve candles (representing the disciples) will be extinguished until the light of Christ burns alone in the dark room.  It is a simple but profound experience.Good FridayWe will gather at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy at 6:30 p.m. to walk the Stations of the Cross. This flat course winds through the scenes from the trial to the tomb.  Along the way we will use a beautiful prayer liturgy from Australia that tells the story of each station and offers a prayer.  We walk it together as family and community.  While part of the power of this experience comes through the movement and the physical encounter with the stations, we will offer a virtual option for those unable to be present. Easter9:00 a.m. Intergenerational Service – outside on front lawn This thirty (or so)-minute service will bring the story to life, evoke the thrill of Easter, engage the gathered, and make a joyful if not raucous noise.  This will be a less-formal but no-less-deep way to experience Easter.  This service will not be available via livestream.9:30 a.m. Easter Continental Breakfast  After the Intergenerational Service and before the Traditional “Festival” Service, all are welcome to come and enjoy pastries, fruit, coffee, and juice. 10:00 a.m. Egg Hunt10:30 a.m. Festival Service  Our grand and glorious Easter Worship will feature preludes beginning at 10:15, the sounds of the bell choir, and a vocal choir. Through word, prayer, message, song, and liturgy we will rejoice and remember the story that changes everything.  Available via livestreamNotes: There is no Sunday School on Easter Sunday.  And, while the nursery space is available on Easter, it will not be staffed.While our protocols regarding Covid safety have not changed, we are aware the numbers are increasing. As a result, we encourage people to care for others.  If you are ill or have been potentially exposed to the coronavirus, please use our streamed options.  Masking remains optional, but we encourage you to consider wearing a mask.  Space in the sanctuary will be set aside where masking and distancing remains required.  Dress warmly – the heat will be on in the sanctuary, but some windows will be opened for ventilation.