Gospel of Luke Study

Right now, it is natural to feel a bit discouraged. Ice storms, pandemic surges, discord in our political landscape, and the desperate need for things to start getting better! It is a perfect time to turn to Good News (which is what the word “Gospel” means) and the perfect Gospel for this moment is Luke.

Luke is known as the Gospel of Amazement. It is the Gospel that contains many favorite stories (like the annunciation), parables (like the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son), and a unique focus on the vulnerable and the outsiders. The fourteen-week study spreads out the twenty-four chapters of Luke into manageable chunks and is designed to conclude with the Passion and Resurrection stories at the same time we are celebrating Holy Week and Easter in the church.

We will gather small groups (4-8 people) with less of a goal to capture the Gospel of Luke, but rather to let its spirit capture us.  To learn more and to sign up, click on the button below.

Gospel of Luke study