Fall Golf Scramble – Sept. 13

Church Golf Tournament – Fall Scramble – Is This for You?
The church is holding its first ever – and maybe even Annual – Golf Tournament on September 13 beginning at 8:30am at the Stockbridge Golf Club. Can you play in this tournament? Well, let’s think about it…

  • Have you ever played golf before?
  • Do you have golf clubs that are collecting cobwebs but you might like to dust them off?
  • Do you play all the time or hardly at all? Have you thought you might like to play again? Would you like to play at the Stockbridge Golf Club but haven’t yet had a chance?
  • Are you a little intimidated at the thought of competing but think you might like to try?
  • Would you like to take a walk on beautifully groomed lawns with magnificent scenery? Might you enjoy the company of friendly people and maybe even hear a few new jokes?
  • Would you like to help support the church programs and raise money to keep the building warm, secure and running smoothly?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, this event is right for you!
A Golf Scramble is a fun, low pressure, team opportunity to play the best ball in your group for bragging rights and friendly competition. Players of all levels have a chance to score well as a team and heck – if you miss a shot – you can always buy a mulligan and get a do-over! Try it – you’ll like it.
Questions? Just ask any of the committee members. We can help you put a team together. Jim and Deb McMenamy, Nick Poole, Keith Raftery, Jorja Marsden and Rev. Brent Damrow.