Christmas Eve Livestream

Thank you for joining us for Christmas Eve! Our Christmas Eve service will stream beginning at 7PM. More information can be found below the video player.

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Musical Preludes: The Bargabos-Godshall family recorded three musical preludes for today’s service: “In the Bleak Midwinter,” “Gesu Bambino,” and “O Holy Night.” The preludes are available for viewing at any point before or after the Christmas Eve service. Watch the preludes.

Prepare for Worship:  We invite you to light a candle (or two! or three!) at home. Chose a space that is comfortable and create a distraction free environment. Although we are separated by space, we remember Jesus’s promise that wherever two or three gather in his name (even virtually), he is there also. You’ll also want to keep an unlit candle for each person, which you will be invited to light during the Service of Light at the end.

Offering: We will receive an offering tonight for the Christmas Fund of the United Church of Christ, which provides emergency assistance to retired ministers. You can give online or mail checks to the church office.