Bake for your neighbor!

Happy Easter, neighbor!

The Growth and Fellowship Board is trying out a new idea for the Easter. We are hoping to help our members reach out to others in our church community who are also their neighbors! Here’s how it works: if you want to, sign up to bake a little extra something for Easter. Hot cross buns are always good, or a nice springy cake if you are feeling energetic. Everyone who signs up will be given the name of a neighbor (a church member who lives near you) to surprise with your baked goodie during Holy Week. If you sign up to give a baked treat to a neighbor, a different neighbor will give one to you. It’s kind of like Secret Santa without the secret and without the Santa.

This is completely voluntary. If you don’t want to sign up, don’t. But if you are interested, please sign up by contacting David Anderegg by filling out this brief form,  or call Will at the church office. Please sign up by Friday March 26 (the Friday before Palm Sunday). We’ll get back to you with the name and address of your assigned neighbor by Monday March 29…then bake away! We are hoping you will deliver the goodie by Easter Sunday.  And if you don’t want to bake, a bag of jelly beans will do….