American Boychoir to Help Lead Worship

the american boychoir standing on stone steps
On Sunday, August 9th, The American Boychoir, America’s premier concert boys’ choir, will provide musical worship leadership at the First Congregational Church of the United Church of Christ in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Following their appearance with the Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra the prior evening, the choir will sing a special prelude (beginning at 9:45AM), choral anthems, and postlude, as well as lead the congregation in hymn singing. After worship, the boys will join the congregation for their weekly coffee hour on the church green (weather permitting).
Rev. Brent Damrow, the church’s pastor, is excited to welcome the group to Stockbridge. “Music is central to our life as a community of faith. Music stirs our souls, lifts us beyond our selves and offers a glimpse of the divine. These gifted young men are a reflection of God’s creative impulse, and we plan to celebrate that gift in all its splendor on Sunday.”
The Boychoir most recently sang at the Stockbridge church in 2010. American Boychoir School alum Chet Douglass and his wife Joy, friends of the church, have been behind both of the choir’s appearances at the historic congregation. “The rigorous touring schedule and high musical standards of the American Boychoir teach boys to focus, become resilient, and work as a team to achieve excellence,” says Mr. Douglass.
Rev. Damrow and several other congregants will host some of the boys during their weekend stay in the Berkshires. “At our church we have a great tradition of hospitality, and we look forward to these gifted young men becoming part of our family for a few days. It’s one way we can thank them for their contribution to our worship on Sunday.”