Month: June 2022

Summertime and the livin’ is easy

George Gershwin penned this song, made famous by Ella Fitzgerald, in 1934!  What does this song have to do with the Board of Growth and Fellowship?  Well… Summertime brings us the opportunity to gather outside with a cool glass of lemonade and catch up with friends! Summertime means lots of visitors to the Berkshires –

July Newsletter Available

It is easy to feel discouraged right now.  It is easy to find ourselves disappointed that our world is incredibly complicated right now.  Our faith, though, reminds us that God is still speaking.  Hymns remind us that God is making all things new.  Easter reminds us that new life can come from seeming dead ends. 


Worship of God is the core of all we do in church. Thought-provoking, dynamic, beautiful and forward-facing, our worship always aims at this question: what does God ask of us in this place and time? Each week’s sermon is available on the website here.  Typed transcriptions, links to the scripture readings, and video clips from