Month: February 2021

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There is a future, it is coming, there is reason to hope great things for it.  So that we might be ready for it, let’s commit to a time to remember those things we have learned, honor the ones and the things we have lost, mark the wisdom that has been gained, and celebrate the


During Lent we will be offering a few things to make worship meaningful and alive: Time with Children – the stories from the Old Testament assigned for Lent are all about our Covenant with God.  String art kits have been sent to our families with kids that we will use each week to bring the stories

Book Sharing Initiative

Welcome to the Book Sharing initiative!  We are asking you to pass along to the church family the books that have brought meaning, beauty, peace, and/or joy to you in these times along with a brief description of why you liked it. During office hours the J.E. Room will be open for you to browse,

Black Sacred Music

In honor of Black History Month, the Board of Christian Education presents a series on black sacred music.  African American music is American music, from blues to rock and roll, Motown, jazz, funk and hip hop. Within that, there is a rich heritage of black sacred music that evolved from spirituals to gospel, hymns, freedom