Month: January 2021

February Newsletter Available

We stand poised for new beginnings not just as a nation but as a people of faith. We are the folks, the disciples, called through our words and actions to both show others who we can collectively be and walk with them even as Christ still walks with us into our future.  Do not let

January Newsletter available

Now what?  2020 is now part of our history.  There were times that I wondered if the year would ever run its course, and if so, to where.  Much of it focused on surviving one day to the next… Please fill out the Worship Feedback survey; link is on page 5.  Thank you! Download January

Worship Feedback Survey

Worship Feedback Requested We continue to understand that worship is at the heart of our shared experience.  It is that common time where we disentangle ourselves from the demands and expectations of the world and entangle ourselves in our covenant with God and neighbor.  It is a time for honesty, beauty, truth, hope, and possibility.