Month: October 2020

The Lake Mahkeenac Radio Theater – watch it again!

The First Congregational Church announces the return of the Lake Mahkeenac Radio Theater!  It was live streamed on Sunday, October 25 at 5 pm. This “live radio” show is loosely based upon radio variety shows of the past. It features comedy skits, beautiful singing, and dramatic monologues in a family-friendly format, and as always, the

Pastor Brent Damrow preaches from the pulpit

Sanctuary Worship Services

Dear Friends in Christ, Grace and Peace to you from the one who was, who is, and who always will be.  I write to you with great joy about our plans to gather for worship in the Sanctuary for two more upcoming Sundays (October 25 and November 8).  We will be meeting in drastically reduced

October newsletter available

We are working here at the church to imagine ways that both help you to explore interiority while staying connected. I am imaging learning circles, outward adventures, one-on-one partnerships, group networks and more about ways that we can bring our passions together, share the gifts that God has blessed us with, and not just survive